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Ready to go Solar?

Let's get you Unplugged

RV Solar Installation

Our designers at Unplugged RVs custom build to your needs and the type of your RV. The components that Un Plugged RVs have chosen for our builds have been field tested and proven to be the highest quality, with numbers to show it. We do not install pre-made packages.


Let Unplugged RVs custom build a system that will handle your needs today. Mobile, RV, Camper, Van, Box Truck, Trailers, and Base Camps.

Un Plugged RVs is located in Sanford FL and provides RV Solar installation in Orlando, solar installation in Central Florida, and all surrounding areas.

Un-Plugged RVs

RV solar is extremely different than residential solar (your house) . Most homes are grid tied which means when the sun goes down, you still have to relay on the power company to give you power at night. When that monthly bill comes,  hope the sun was enough during those days to keep you in the positive.

RV solar depends on a battery system to provide you with that power when the sun goes down. 

In order to live a happy life once the sun goes down you need batteries. There is no grid to provide power and that's the point!


This is why our team ensures each custom design from Un-Plugged RVs will provide you with the solar energy, battery energy, and leading installation process that will keep everything you want on at night. 


Want more details?

We are here to assist. Contact us by phone or email.

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